3 Naughty Things Men Love To Hear When You Talk Dirty

talkdirtytohimMen are much more sensitive than they would have you believe. Almost all guys love to hear compliments, especially about how fantastic they are at sex. They love to hear that you are enjoying what they are doing with you.

Guys tend to think of themselves as sex gods, who’s duty it is to satisfy women. All guys, no matter their personality will enjoy being praised about their sexual prowess. Even a smart academic guy will still go crazy for these simple phrases.

Here are three great things you can say to turn your guy on with dirty talk. By saying them, you can expect even better sex in return!  For even more, see haveyouseenhim.com.

Tell Him He Feels Amazing

Men like to hear that they are doing a good job, so make sure that you tell him. When you’re having sexual intercourse, tell him that he feels amazing.

You can also use any other adjective to get your point across. It can be made even more passionate and exciting by including a couple of curse words.  For example, “You feel f-ing AMAZING!”

This is a huge compliment that every man will appreciate, and it will make him feel at ease and also tells him that you are enjoying what he is doing.

When it comes to sex, guys do think with their pants (or at least with what’s inside them).  They put a lot of importance on their sexual ability, so complimenting your man over his penis will make him feel comfortable.

Tell Him What You Want Him To Do To You

Men might give the impression that they like to be in control, but when it comes to sex, they still respond enthusiastically to instruction.  Men love being told exactly what to do, especially if told in a dirty way.

Being told not to stop is a massive turn on. Again, this makes the man realize that you are appreciating what he is doing and that you’re having a wonderful time. Giving him any instruction will get him going.

Simply telling him “harder” or “faster” will cause him to put in a lot of extra effort. Men love a partner who is enthusiastic, rather than someone who just lies still. Throw in some swear words to make it even naughtier and turn him on that much more.

I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You

Men love being told that they make your blood boil with passion, and the phrase “I just can’t get enough of you” fits the bill quite nicely. This shows the man that they can make you excited and that you find them physically attractive. The idea that the guy can turn a normal, innocent girl into a sex hungry babe will get him going.

Of course, you might have to exaggerate a bit here, but it doesn’t matter that much because the guy probably won’t even realize. Even if he does, he will still appreciate the effort to encourage him.

Men love to think that they are sex gods, and mentioning this phrase outside of the bedroom will make them want sex straight away.