Girlfriend Activation System Review – Date 9’s And 10’s With Ease?

For men who have lost their self-confidence, who are tired of being rejected by women, who might just be naturally shy, or who simply lack the “game” to get the girl they really want, the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) may be the answer.

attractive blonde woman wearing pinkThe Girlfriend System is not one of those PUA sites or downloadable ebook programs that shows men how to bed crazy numbers of women. Instead, GFAS focuses more on helping men find a long-term relationship with what is commonly referred to as a “woman of substance”: that perfect girl who has it all – looks, sex appeal, personality, confidence, emotional stability, etc. These are the true “10’s” who every guy wants, yet very few guys actually have the skillset to attract and keep the interest of such high-caliber and highly desirable women.

The newest version, GFAS V2, is a 23-part video course packed with step-by-step tips and techniques from a variety of well-known relationship gurus that teaches guys how to become the type of men women obsess over. The end goal is to teach men not only how to meet and attract incredible women, but also how to turn that one woman you really want into a loyal, committed girlfriend.

We explore more of the steps and secrets behind the program in this GFAS review.  There is also an excellent Girlfriend Activation System review and write-up over at that contains links to additional resources for those interested in learning more.

Girlfriend Activation System Breakdown

Dating women is tricky. It’s complex. It’s messy. It’s never as easy as it sounds.

First, you have to fight back the fear of rejection and get the courage to approach a woman and get her to go out with you on the first date. Then, that first date has to impress her enough to leave her wanting a second and then a third. If you play your cards right, the first few dates eventually lead to the “sex date”. Make one false move anywhere along the way, however, and the relationship can quickly be over before it ever really begins.

Dating a high-quality woman and turning her into a long-term girlfriend involves many individual steps and milestones. The Girlfriend System leads men through the entire process from beginning to end, step-by-step.

Here is a very brief summary of the 23-part GFAS video course:

  • Modules 1 through 4: These first modules form the introduction to the course, discussing the theory of “Masculine Power”, its inborn effects on women, and how it makes you an obsession worthy man. The fourth module is devoted to a question and answer period with Alex, a female member of the audience who takes part in demonstrations of some of the techniques taught in the course. She explains how they made her feel and why they worked on her.
  • Modules 5 through 8: These parts of the course introduce several different dating coaches including Nick Sparks, Jason Capital, Alex Allman, and David Wygant. Each speaker takes on a different topic including things like staying out of the friend zone through sexuality, how to be a challenge to women, being open, vulnerable, and genuine without giving away your power, and how to express dominance without being aggressive or overbearing.
  • Modules 9 through 12: This series focuses on learning a woman’s “Obsession Story” through the art of conversation and the seven things every woman truly wants. It also discusses what it means to be great “boyfriend material” so you can actually keep the girl committed once you get her.
  • Modules 13 through 20: In this set of Girlfriend Activation System videos, you learn the tactics, techniques, and skills you need to attract women. It includes things like how to approach, what to say, how to make a great first impression, how to make it through her “inspection gauntlet”, how to approach and what to do during the first couple of dates, and how to reset her impression of you if you’re stuck in the friend zone.
  • Modules 21 through 23: This is the part of the GFAS system where sex and intimacy are discussed. You’ll learn the step-by-step “sex date” that turns up the heat and gets her addicted to you and how to develop the connection and intimacy with a woman that will keep her around for good.

More On Masculine Power

an attractive couple embracingTens of thousands of articles have been written in magazines and on dating sites over the years, describing how to attract and date women. Even Psychology Today says that confident, assertive men are more attractive to women than indecisive, insecure guys. That’s no big surprise, yet few guys are able to pull confidence off without coming across as arrogant, smug, or just plain jerks.

The first few modules in the Girlfriend Activation System talk about the idea of masculine power and the role it plays in creating animalistic attraction in the female brain. Masculine power is described as, “a distinct energy that comes from a dominant man with a good heart, positive intentions, whose life is an adventure, and who strives for success.”

The coaches talk about the “Reptilian Brain” of a woman, that part of the female brain that is genetically pre-programmed to respond automatically to certain male traits, like power, dominance, being a challenge, mysteriousness, sexuality, and genuineness.

No matter how logical or intelligent a woman may be, she is always to some degree powerless over these male characteristics. The Girlfriend Activation System teaches you how to develop the traits that reflect masculine power, step-by-step.

A Girlfriend Activation System Exclusive: The King Game

Most men have suffered from the fear of rejection at some point in their dating history. In fact, the fear of rejection is probably the #1 reason most men never date the woman they really want.

In Module 14 of the Girlfriend Activation System, “The King Game” is introduced. The King Game is a technique that plays off the idea that women are very responsive to men of high value and status. It teaches you how to raise your value and status in the eyes of women to actually get them to approach you instead of the other way around.

For men who are truly debilitated by the fear of rejection, the King Game Method is a way to raise your own value without having to master the art of approaching and “pick-up”.

Bonus Features And Extras

A full review of the Girlfriend Activation System indicates there is much more to the program than just the 23 different video modules. The GFAS system also includes:

  • The Members Community: This is an online forum where members can ask questions, share experiences, and get exclusive advice from individual coaches in the videos. If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best and regularly participating in the forum gives you the ability to pick the brains of some of the world’s best at approaching and attracting women. Take advantage of it!
  • The Confidence Package: Includes 5 different bonus programs aimed at helping men improve self-confidence and self-esteem when it comes to approaching women.
  • The Seduction Package: This section includes 10 different bonus programs that provide additional techniques for creating sexual attraction with women from the very moment you say, “Hello” and beyond. It also includes a course on sexual texting.
  • The Relationship Package: Includes 2 different bonus programs (Lustworthy Sex and 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s) that focus on connection, intimacy, and how to keep highly desirable women interested and committed long-term.
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee: Members can cancel at any time within the first full year and receive a full refund if they feel like the Girlfriend System has failed to deliver the value it promises.
  • The Ten Code: There is also a free trial included with the Girlfriend Activation System called “The Ten Code”. Members are allowed free access for the first 14 days. After that there is an ongoing monthly fee if you want to continue with the monthly training, or you can simply cancel and pay nothing if you decide the Ten Code isn’t for you. It is described as “The ultimate and only training program for the man who wants the best that life has for him, and wants to be his best: powerful, charismatic, confident, and way, way sexier.”

Where To Get The Girlfriend Activation System

Click here to check the official website for available copies of the Girlfriend Activation System