How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams

manofyourdreamsIn this day and age, finding a great guy is like finding a needle in a haystack. At least it seems that way.

Not only is there intense competition over the world’s last gentleman, but most men today are simply not looking for a commitment, especially one that involves obligations and emotions. To top it off, the US Census Bureau states that there are around 100 million single people over 30, and about eight single women for every 10 men.

Even if the odds are in your favor, men today are just not interested in relationships, perhaps because of the obligations required in which they must devote their time to another person.

However, do not let it get you down, because there are still over 40 million single guys actively looking for a relationship, and what they hope to find is that one special girl who is unlike any woman they have ever met.

Believe it or not, these guys do exist! Maybe not as many as you think, but they are still out there nonetheless.  And, remember, you only need ONE to make it all worth it.

Below are 3 major tips that will not only help you become more attractive to men, but will also help you find that one man (the so-called ” Man of Your Dreams”) who will cherish you and spend his entire life devoted to making you happy.

Improving Your Chances Of Finding The Man Of Your Dreams

1) Be Yourself!

Sure, you have probably heard this thousands of times throughout your life, but there is a good reason why.

You are unique in your very own way, so what is the point of putting on an act in order to attract men? You are only setting yourself up for failure and will end up in an unhappy relationship.

You need someone to love you for you, and by confidently being yourself, one day the right man will come into your life and will be swept off his feet.

2) Know What You Want

How are you going to find the right guy if you do not even know what to look for?

You need to be able to visualize your ideal man, how your relationship will be, and even what his personality will be like. If you have not been able to do so until now, chances are that you may have passed up plenty of genuine guys during the confusion.

Well, the past is the past, but now you can take control over your life, and develop a clearer picture of the man you will spend the rest of your life with.  With that being said, here is a word of caution…

No man is perfect and no relationship is a fairy tale.  There will be ups and downs in every relationship, so don’t let your idea of “Prince Charming” be so “out there” or so specific that no man can ever live up to it.

Dating is a lot like a job interview: in the beginning, you try everything you can to impress the other person and let them know you are perfect for the position, but then once you get the job, you often relax and get comfortable.

You simply cannot see someone for who they are during the first date. However, once they are comfortable around you, a whole new side of them will open up.  This can prove to be either amazing or disastrous.

That is why it is crucial for you to know what to look for in terms of personality and character, and why you shouldn’t approach dating completely blind with no idea what (or who) you want.

3) The Law Of GOYA

GOYA = Get off your ass!

You cannot expect to have much success finding the man of your dreams if you are not out there meeting new people and learning to socialize. By being lazy and watching Netflix all day, you are only setting yourself up to be the cable man’s girl, or a lonely recluse.

Sure, we all have social media, but that is no way to meet the man of your dreams! Leave the house and get involved, and the odds will be in your favor.

The man of your dreams could be anywhere, and it is up to you to search for him, because he is most definitely searching for you.

Never Say Never

We have all gone through a period of awkward, nerve-racking dates, and we have also experienced some amazing people along the way. However, do not approach the dating scene with pessimism and low self- esteem, because men will notice and will be turned off.

Learn ways to have fun with it, and it will begin to feel like you are not even trying! He will walk into your life when you least expect him to, so be yourself, know what you want, get off your ass, and most importantly, never say never!