Reverse My Tinnitus Review – Should You Download Alan Watson And Dr. James Phillips’ Tinnitus Ebook?

tinnitus-myelinationReverse My Tinnitus by Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips is a recently developed tinnitus remedy that has already helped thousands of people relieve their symptoms and in many cases completely stop ringing in the ears permanently.  Countless online Reverse My Tinnitus reviews and testimonials are a testament to the ever-growing popularity of this program.

As the authors suggest, a tinnitus sufferer can achieve a complete cure with this natural remedy with no ongoing intervention in as little as two weeks.

That’s exciting news because…

It means no more ringing, crackling, buzzing, or popping.  No more feeling like a cricket, or perhaps a symphony of crickets, is living in your ear!

Tinnitus Under The Microscope

According to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), more than fifty million Americans suffer from tinnitus with approximately twelve million of these individuals seeking professional medical attention for their disorder.

Furthermore, in about two million cases, tinnitus becomes so crippling, it can leave one so severely handicapped they cannot function at their job or complete their normal day-to-day activities.  In many more cases, tinnitus causes difficulties in interpersonal relationships because of stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

Recent scientific research has focused diligently on understanding the underlying cause of tinnitus.  The answer is surprising and not what you may have been led to believe in the past.

The latest research reveals that the underlying cause of tinnitus is damage to the outer insulating sheath, the myelin, of the cochlea nerves in the inner ear.  These nerves are responsible for sound transmission to the brain, and when the protective sheath gets damaged, it results in all sorts of “interference” which results in the hissing, buzzing, and cracking of tinnitus.

One of the scientists working on this tinnitus research, and co-author of the Reverse My Tinnitus ebook, is Dr. James Phillips from Oxford University.  Dr. Phillips was contacted by Alan Watson, a former chronic tinnitus sufferer, who was interested in learning more about his research and how it might help him cure his own tinnitus. Eventually, the two combined forces and created the Reverse My Tinnitus system.

How Reverse My Tinnitus Works

Here is the underlying mechanism to how Reverse My Tinnitus works, simplified into 3 steps:

  1. You eat certain foods that trigger your body to produce specific antibodies.
  2. These specific antibodies target and attach to the damaged myelin sheath on your cochlea nerves.
  3. The antibodies repair the damaged myelin, completely eliminating all the sounds that are associated
    with your tinnitus.

The scientific term for this type of repair is remyelination.  Put simply, you are rebuilding/repairing the myelin sheath that protects the nerves and, thereby, eliminating the noise and sound interference.

Does Alan Watson And Dr. James Phillips’ Remedy Work On All Forms Of Tinnitus?

It is important to note here that it does not matter how your myelin sheath became damaged for the Reverse My Tinnitus remedy to work.

We now know there are many causes of tinnitus.  Some people are born with a damaged myelin sheath.  Others have a bad infection such as Lyme’s Disease or an ear infection that damages their myelin sheath.  Still others may have their myelin sheath damaged by loud noises in their work or by loud music.

Tumors, abnormal blood flow in the ear, misalignment of the jaw bone, waxy build-up, fibromyalgia, and even the side effects of prescription drugs can all result in tinnitus.

Regardless of the cause of the damage to the myelin sheath, the natural antibodies stimulated by the Reverse My Tinnitus protocol will help heal the damage to the myelin.  This is the power of getting at the ROOT cause of an ailment instead of trying to just mask or reduce the symptoms!

Synthetic Versus All Natural Tinnitus Treatments

The pharmaceutical company approach to using this research would be to try to synthesize an artificial antibody to perform remyelination in the inner ear.  This way they could patent it and sell it for big money.

However, the Reverse My Tinnitus program takes a natural approach by showing you exactly what to eat to stimulate your own body to produce the right antibodies that will heal the myelin sheath in your inner ear.

Which would you prefer?

The body is perfectly capable of and quite incredible at healing itself of many ailments when given the right “tools” to do the job.

So for most people, the choice comes down to consuming good, healthy food that will naturally stimulate the antibodies you need to repair the myelin sheath or artificial antibodies synthesized in a lab that are often littered with side effects and rarely work as effectively as what your own body can produce given the right nutrition.

For most tinnitus sufferers, the choice is pretty easy.

Natural, right?

There’s actually a couple of other reasons to choose natural over pharmaceuticals should Big Pharma ever develop them for tinnitus.

1. The nutrients you need to start producing your own antibodies specifically needed to repair the myelin
sheath can be bought at a normal grocery store.  Moreover, they are part of a healthy diet overall.  In other words, they are inexpensive and easily accessible.

2. Once your body synthesizes these antibodies, they are in your system permanently!  In other words,
your body can continue to keep your myelin sheath in good working order so your tinnitus never comes

Why You Haven’t Heard Of Natural Tinnitus Treatments Before

Keep this in mind too: most doctors who attempt to treat tinnitus have never themselves been subjected to the torture it causes.  This can partially explain why doctors don’t focus on the root cause of tinnitus and instead give medications for the symptoms.

For example, they often prescribe sleeping pills to tinnitus sufferers who have difficulty sleeping due to the constant noises in their ears.

However, even if this medication helps the tinnitus patient fall asleep, it certainly does not help in curing the disease.  The patient wakes up in the morning with the same troublesome noises in their ear and the debilitating cycle continues.

Most doctors just don’t understand the impact of tinnitus on one’s life!  Furthermore, they have been trained to prescribe pills, not talk to you about how to stimulate your body to produce the natural antibodies it needs to cure tinnitus.

It’s just not the way the medical community works, as “natural treatments” still have a certain taboo about them.  And that’s unfortunate.

Where To Learn More And How To Download The Reverse My Tinnitus Ebook

The Reverse My Tinnitus program in an extremely inexpensive, natural cure for tinnitus that seeks to eliminate the root cause of ringing in the ears instead of just masking symptoms.

The Reverse My Tinnitus ebook is available digitally and can be downloaded in PDF format from Dr. James Phillips and Alan Watson’s website.  The complete course includes several bonus programs to help manage various aspects of your tinnitus and also comes with a gracious 60-day money back guarantee so even skeptics can try it out without risk.

Just follow the link below…