The Terrible Trio: 3 Ways To Kill A New Relationship Before It Ever Gets Going

coupleholdinghandsEntering a new relationship could really be an exciting experience. However, you should also be careful because every new relationship is vulnerable.

One major mistake could ruin the relationship right away. It’s a time where both partners are trying their
best to evaluate if this is really “the one.”

If you want the relationship to be long-lasting, it’s best to
familiarize yourself with the three things below that could sabotage a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

1. Rushing To A Commitment

Some people hate the thought of being alone, or they’re just sick of being single. Likewise, they also don’t want to stay in a budding relationship, unless they sense that it’s going to develop.

If you believe that you can’t make someone love you, you should also know that it’s impossible to force someone to commit. A perfect relationship is only possible if you’re willing to wait and let the feelings grow naturally.

Enjoy the first few dates and see what happens after. There’s no need to rush.

Don’t make the person feel uncomfortable by asking questions, such as if he/she considers you as someone he’ll want to spend the rest of his live with. It’s too early for that and you might just drive the person away.

Avoid the ‘need’ to have a commitment.

Consider each date and the relationship itself as a practice for something greater. You enter a relationship in order to hone your skills and become a better partner.

Through this, once ‘the one’ shows up, you’ll be ready and that person will see you as someone who’s irresistible. This also takes the pressure off your dates while improving yourself at the same time.

2. Lack Of Communication Skills

If you can’t express yourself to your partner, it’ll be impossible to move on to the next level. Try your best to open up, express what you feel, what you want, be understanding, and learn to forgive.

Also, these are just some of the skills that could turn a rocky and difficult relationship into something worth fighting for.  On the other hand, a failure to communicate can easily lead to the end of a relationship.

Get help if needed and learn how to communicate.  Be understanding, forgive, and grow. Don’t drag your partner down.  Instead, try your best to lift each other up. This may sound difficult, but with constant support, it’s very easy.

3. Emotional Baggage

This is the major killer of every failed relationship: emotional baggage or “love junk”.

Most people enter a new relationship even when they’re not fully ready yet. They still have the insecurities and heartaches they got from past relationships (love junk), parents (childhood junk), society, cultures, and everything that made them feel ‘confused and messed up.’

You’ll know that your partner is suffering from love junk if something you said made him/her feel uncomfortable or defensive. Once this happens, he/she would suddenly become immature, childish, selfish, intolerable, and would rather scream at you rather than discussing things calmly.

In a worst case scenario, the person who’s experiencing love junk would even throw objects, physically hurt someone, or be manipulative with guilt tripping and such.

We’re all guilty of doing this at some point in our lives, but it’s time to become a true adult and learn that the relationship doesn’t revolve around you.

If you feel like you are carrying around a lot of emotional baggage, seek out professional help as soon as possible.  Sadly, a lot of people consider this as the last resort, which is very wrong.

At this point, both partners are already emotionally damaged and it’ll be too late to mend their broken hearts. Likewise, even when both partners go on separate ways, there’s a huge risk that this would be taken into the next relationship. Thus, a never-ending cycle.