How To Approach Women: Why You Should Man Up And Say, “Hi!”

womanwantingaguytoapproachPicture this…

Standing before your eyes is the woman of your dreams.

She’s drop dead gorgeous, and you’ve never seen anyone like her.  She’s like an angel…a super sexy one…who just fell from heaven. This angelic face is completely flawless.  You could never get tired of admiring her beauty from afar.

Best of all, she’s just a few feet away!

With that, a million thoughts instantly invade your mind. You imagine things: ways on how you can start a conversation with her, and you even try to imagine how it’ll end.

However, you’re also uncertain if this would really work. It’s conflicting, ’cause you also see this as a once in a lifetime experience that would take a million years to happen again.

So you’ve finally gathered up the courage, set those irrational fears aside, tried to approach her, but before you can even deliver the first word, she’s gone.

Apparently, this beautiful goddess doesn’t have all the time in the world to wait for you.

The fear of rejection is powerful, and this is a common scenario for guys.  They see a beautiful woman. They want to talk to her, but they don’t want to make a bad impression. So, they try their best to come up with the perfect dialogue.

For centuries, this has been an issue for guys who don’t have self confidence. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the street, at work, at school or at a friend’s party, most men do have a hard time approaching women.

Little did they know, if they’ll only try to come out of their shell and be more confident about themselves, they’ll have a better experience when it comes to dating.

Mind you, we’re not saying that guys should become so full of themselves and try to hook up with every woman they see. This would never work and will just make the situation even worse.

What we’re saying is that, it wouldn’t do any harm if you’ll try to be a little more smooth and social.

For one, don’t be afraid to talk to women, no matter where you see them. There’s nothing wrong with chatting with a random woman walking down the street or sitting next to you. This is completely natural, as long as you keep the conversation casual and don’t ask any sensitive questions. That would be creepy.

Try to be friendly and socialize. You’re living in the modern world.  It’s not a crime to approach the opposite sex and start a conversation.

Be as outgoing and social as possible. Go to social gatherings, parties, bars, and other places where you can mingle. This is the perfect setting to look for a date, because these women are also in search of a man. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to take that position.

If you’re engaged in a busy lifestyle, your usual routine would be work, home, eat, and sleep. In between, during your spare time, you probably check your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Perhaps, you interact a little with these social networking sites, but that doesn’t make your situation any better. There’s still no real face-to-face communication happening.

It’s also the reason why teens these days are becoming worse when it comes to socializing. They’re glued to their smart phones and almost everything takes place in there. Thus, when it comes to approaching women in person, it becomes an impossible task.

It’s almost like they see these women as creatures from another planet who don’t speak the same language.  No doubt, a lot of people engage in ‘online dating,’ but this doesn’t make anything better. The moment they meet in person, the guys end up swallowing their tongue.

If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, you should boost your self-esteem, social skills, and try to work on your charisma. These would make talking and connecting with women seem natural.  The Girlfriend Activation System refers to this as being the man who becomes the “obvious choice”. Learn more about GFAS in this Girlfriend Activation System review.

I must admit, I’m also a former stone-cold introvert myself. However, I tried my best to learn the art of socializing and master this skill. It’s not easy and it’s a long process, but at the end of the day, I’m also thankful I did something like this.

This gave me more confidence and it allowed me to live my life to the fullest. I want this to happen to you too.

Maybe this would be the most amazing thing you’ll ever do in your life! You have nothing to lose, but definitely something to gain.