13 Tips For Women To Have A Great First Date…And Ensure A Second One

meetingonthefirstdateIf men only seem to ask you out once and then disappear, you could be making some simple mistakes that leave a sour first impression without you even knowing it.  Below are 13 tips to help you have a great first date and ensure a second one.

Pick a good location

It’s never a good idea to have your first date in someone else’s living room.  Grabbing a quick drink or coffee is usually the best way to go. Keep the first date to a public place.  This will provide you with an easy exit if things start to go wrong.

Avoid inappropriate timing

Late night rendezvouses are for booty calls, not first dates.  Keep your timing reasonable: for example, make 9pm your cut off time.

The first date is about getting to know each other, so try to meet up before the sun goes down.  You can’t have a good first date if you are constantly worrying about what will happen after last call.  Meeting too late can make a man think you’re up for a late night hookup, even if you aren’t.

Wear something cute

Wearing something beautiful on your first date will definitely boost your confidence.  Men tend to admire women who know how to dress up for the occasion. If your outfit is dull, keeping his attention will become quite difficult.

Have the right mind-set

On your first date, you should be friendly, approachable and kind.  It’s also very important that you relax and remember to have a good time.

Don’t get wasted

Most men don’t want to be in a long-term relationship with a woman who they can go shot-for-shot. On your first date, try to impose a two drink limit.

Make sure you acknowledge the other person

Avoid talking too much about yourself. The conversation should have equal give and take. There is simply nothing more unattractive than a person who is completely self-absorbed.

Leave the phone down

If you have to reply to a text or make a call, make sure that you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. It’s very important that your date gets your undivided attention.

Table manners

This should go without saying. Don’t chow down your food like it’s your last meal, lick your fingers, or chew with your mouth open. A lady should always be mindful of her table manners.

Don’t ask about his finances

Make sure that you keep away from financial based questions. Don’t ask about how much he makes, when he expects his next promotion or where he sees’ himself in the next 5 years. Such questions will make you look like a gold digger.

Don’t show your insecurities

Confidence is the key to having a good first date. Don’t look for reassuring statements about your outfit or anything else.

Don’t discuss your exes

Men don’t want to hear about your past relationships. When you bring up an ex, it makes a man feel like he is already being compared to someone else.

Don’t act desperate

Don’t mention things like having a big wedding or wanting kids. Keep the conversation easy and fun. No man wants to feel pressured on the first date.

Don’t mention the bedroom

If you start referring to the bedroom, it will seem like you’re only interested in sex. Try to talk about other things until you know where things are going.

Remember, dating is about having fun.  If you focus on having fun and being yourself rather than trying to impress the man sitting across from you, you’ll leave a much better first date impression and will greatly increase the chances he will ask you out again.